FD Kilimanjaro

Sustainability and Participation

The development of villages Lower Moshi is the shared responsibility of the community, local and regional elected leadership and the organizations (both those in the private and NGO sectors) that are active in the area. We therefore expect these partners to share the burden of responsibility, including resources to facilitate progress.

While partners like the lower government authorities and other NGO’s and companies are important in terms of providing additional expertise and resources, the most important partners are the communities and their leaders. Specific attention, activities and resources are identified and dedicated to the development of a capable community based project management system.

Throughout our existence, FTK has focused on collaborative action, involving the community in planning, decision making and implementation and
leveraging the expertise of other organizations that share our vision. This approach has proven successful in Mtakuja Village were we started working in 2008. We are acutely aware that we can only do so much by ourselves and that we are stronger and more effective when we partner with others.

FTK will continuously determine its own current priorities for any given time period, but in the context of the above, our planning and implementation schedule is flexible in order to incorporate suggestions from other stakeholders and collaborative initiatives with partners.