FD Kilimanjaro

Goal and approach


FT Kilimanjaro envisions flourishing communities on and around the TPC Estate void of poverty and despair.

Communities where all, men and women, young and old, have access to basic health care, education and opportunities to be productive and earn a livelihood for themselves and their families, and to do so in a self-sustaining and environmentally sustainable manner.


Guided by the concept of an integrated approach to development with interventions applied simultaneously and across multiple sectors, we seek to actively inspire and help to implement initiatives together with the communities to:

▪   Improve quality and access to education

▪   Improve quality and access to health care services

▪   Increase earned income

▪   Improve basic infrastructure (e.g. roads, water, electricity, housing)

Two implementation tracks that are symbiotic and pursued in parallel:

Village Projects = Integrated village development projects that are planned sequentially (“tile-structure”).
Lower Moshi Interventions = Interventions implemented uniformly across the region.

Long term approach

▪   Education: Increasing access and utilization of quality pre-primary, primary and secondary education and developing options for vocational and adult education.

▪   Health: Increasing access and utilization of primary health care services locally and more specialized care further afield, while improving general health and awareness of health issues and diseases.

▪   Income Generation: Increasing and diversifying the community’s overall income generating capacity through agriculture and other entrepreneurial activities, while assuring that each person in the community has three meals a day throughout the year.

▪   Infrastructure: Improving access to basic infrastructure to sustain life and economy. This may include the construction and maintenance of critical village and farm access roads, access to electricity, access to drinking and productive water-sources and safe and reliable housing.

Village Project duration

Each village (project) needs time to evolve, it is a long process towards self development. A framework for long term planning should not come at the cost of the process which has value in itself.

▪   A village project starts with a Year 0, followed by 5 project years.

▪   Year 0 is a year of preparation with low input of resources. It is a year of mutual introduction and exploration to see if there is enough basis to start a cooperation.

▪   During the 5 project years leadership and income generation are the key focus areas because they provide the basis for sustainable development.

This focus is not necessarily reflected in the allocation of the budget, as especially the development of the  leadership is not purely financially driven.

FT Kilimanjaro is cooperating with partners that are relevant to the different activities these are business partners, local and international organizations, government agencies and local government.