FD Kilimanjaro


Lower Moshi has one – private – hospital, TPC Hospital and 9 dispensaries, of which 7 are government and 2 faith-based dispensaries. Generally challenges experienced by the public accessing health care in Lower Moshi include poor physical infrastructure, regular stock-out of medication, absent dispensary/clinic staff, lack of regular and emergency transport to health facilities. In addition, many communities suffer from limited awareness of proper hygiene and nutrition standards, or lack the capacity to meet such basic standards for their families, one known outcome is high levels of iron- deficiencies in children.

During a regional health meeting organized by FTK and hosted by TPC on November 21 2012, the District Medical Officer’s team shared the District’s priorities and challenges for the health sector in Moshi Rural District, these included:

> Maternal, New Born and Child Health –

> Communicable diseases –

> Environmental Health and Sanitation –

> Strengthening of Organizational Structures and Institutional Management –

The meeting highlighted the need for solutions that would pay equal attention to the need to improve services, much along the lines of the challenges listed above and the need to find local, sustainable financing to cover the cost of care.

There appears a common consensus that there is a continuing need for increasing basic awareness of general health issues, in other words, health education in the broad sense of the word. This includes at the very least family and reproductive health, the needs and rights of disabled people, sexually transmitted diseases and general nutrition and sanitation, including environmental sanitation. Many of these issues share a focus on preventative health measures that are within reach of most, as they are largely dependent on behavior and behavioral changes.

Sector Goal

Increasing access and utilization of primary health care services locally and more specialized care further afield, while improving general health and awareness of health issues and diseases.