FD Kilimanjaro


FT Kilimanjaro (FTK) and its founders envision flourishing communities in Lower Moshi void of poverty and despair: Communities where all, men and women, young and old, have access to basic health care, education and opportunities to be productive and earn a livelihood for themselves and their families, and to do so in a self-sustaining and environmentally sustainable manner.

Guided by the concept of an integrated approach to development, with interventions applied simultaneously and across multiple sectors, this strategic plan is built around long term goals for four sectors (Education, Health, Income, Infrastructure) that are interconnected. Using these goals and concrete implementation-related objectives we explicitly set out to create a framework that is meant to be an invitation to other stakeholders, including the community, lower government authorities and other NGOs, to identify what goals and sectors align with their objectives and to consider working collaboratively with FTK toward the accomplishment of a shared vision.

We believe in an integrated approach, because we believe that there are direct reinforcing relations between these sectors (e.g. a healthy child is more likely to attend school), cross-cutting impact (e.g. provision of school meals reduces absenteeism and improves the health of growing children), and assumed causal relations (e.g. girls who attain higher levels of education, will make better informed decision regarding their personal health and the health of their families). What we know is that ignoring one sector will certainly reduce chances for long term success in other sectors (e.g. the absence of access roads and bridges to connect farm land to markets will reduce the opportunities for farmers to make a profit/living).

The logo

In the development of a village the approach is on 5 different components adhering to local needs and order of necessity. These are symbolized by the leaves of the tree in the FT Kilimanjaro logo. The trunk of the tree represents the management role of FT Kilimanjaro.