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If you have questions or interest in FT Kilimanjaro you are very welcome to contact us. We are always open to suggestions and new partners.

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Donations to the project in Tanzania are very welcome. You can directly donate to FT Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. However it is also possible to donate through FEMI Foundation under the name of ‘donation for FD Kilimanjaro’. FEMI Foundation is registered in the Netherlands and therefore all donations are tax deductible.

Tax Identification Number is: 8201.55.561


FT Kilimanjaro
Mr. Gerbert Rieks, Executive Director
p.o. box 26, Langasani
Moshi, Tanzania

Account name : FT Kilimanjaro
Account number :  01J1041494400
Name of the bank :  CRDB, Moshi branch
Address or branch :  po box 1302, Moshi


FEMI Foundation
Douwe De Vries
Torenlaan 15 – 3742 CR  Baarn – The Netherlands
Tel.: +31-35-5488422 / Fax.: +31-35-5488412