FD Kilimanjaro

Lower Moshi Agri business Exhibition 2016 Report

The exhibition was prepared by FT Kilimanjaro as a part of learning on how to increase local agricultural food production capacity and output together with agricultural supply chain services based on innovative business model in their communities. The aim was to bring awareness and provide education about applications of different seeds and pesticides, to link Lower Moshi farmers (from Chemchem, Mikocheni, Londoto, Msitu wa tembo, Kiruani, Magadini, Mtakuja, Mserekia, Chekereni, Kikavu, Mvuleni, Kahe and Mawala) with different agro dealers, share experience and introduce different applications on agricultural industries and marketing for agro dealers.

Exhibitors were financial institutions who support farmers, farmer’s organization and some agro dealers: Juanco Growing Ideas, Sevia, ETG Input Limited, Wade rain, Premium, CRDB Bank, Equity For Tanzania (EFTA), Irrico International, Mtakuja Development Organization (MDO), Mitimingi, Tanganyika Farmers Association (TFA), Private Agricultural Sector Support (PASS), Ideal Health Care (IHC), East West Seed, Global Cycle Solutions Limited (GCS), Halotel, NMB and ECLOF International. Approximately 350 farmers attend.