FD Kilimanjaro

FTK Physiotherapy Intern

‘From January 2017 through April 2017 FTK housed an intern from Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, located in the Netherlands. This 4th-year Physiotherapy student focused on 3 main topics: providing physiotherapy to the handicapped children in Mikocheni, design and organize a sports event for Ronga Primary School in Kirungu and providing physiotherapy clinics for in- and outpatients visiting TPC Hospital.

Although professional barriers had to be overcome, some good results were achieved. The children from Mikocheni got physiotherapy sessions from the intern or CCBRT or they transferred to locations that could provide in their needs more after assessment by the Dutch intern.
On the 26th, 27th and 28th of April the Ronga Olympics took place. It was derivated from the previous, succesfull, Mikocheni Olympics. After making some alternations to the original program 3 days of sports were organized.
TPC-hospital patients were seen and received treatment.

Although Physiotherapy is a very much required profession in Tanzania, it is still in an early stage of development. Having a Phsyiotherapy-student within the organization proved the advantages that physiotherapy can have in Lower Moshi.