FD Kilimanjaro

Demonstration plot

Mtakuja Development Organization partners with Waderain to establish pilot plot of drip irrigation of ½ (0.5) an acre to motivate farmers to use this system out of project. This project target farmers from two villages i.e. Mtakuja and Mserekia because they have a lot of agriculture land which remain uncultivated due to scarcity of precipitation. Water table in both villages is approximately to be between 6-8 meters where by farmer’s can dig shallow wells for irrigation.


We planted lettuce, butternuts and mask melon as sample crops to motivate farmers to plant them as alternative cash crops, though they can plant green pepper, onions, tomatoes, okra and egg plants. The challenge is saline percolates much in drip due to type of soil which contains some element of salt. In spite of some challenges like drip expenses, dig well, water pumps, and experience of using drip, some farmers show interest to use drip irrigation through leaning from our pilot plot at Mtakuja farm.