FD Kilimanjaro

Chemchem Bridge

From the baseline survey we did in Chemchem Village which included a sample of 148 interviewees, 117 mentioned the absence of a bridge as a main challenge whereby 88 mentioned it as a top problem, 17 as a second and 12 mentioned as the third problem in their village. These villagers have been there for many years facing challenges like no good communications between one part of the village and other because of the river, low price of their crops because buyers tend to reduce the price claiming that they compensate the distance by using Manyara road to Chemchem.

Having a pedestrian bridge in Chemchem allows villagers to meet each other without having to go around Manyara region or crossing the river with the local boat which is dangerous. FTK thought the completion of the pedestrian bridge provides safe and sustainable crossings especially for the patients who need emergency services to TPC hospital. Government officers like police will cross the river easily when there is a problem between livestock keepers and farmers and they can take actions before it’s too late. The same applied for the other government officials to visit local area and see challenges affect their people. Also agricultural goods can more easily find markets and better prices.