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Latest developments

Mikocheni Community Center

Mikocheni Community center is ready and is officially opened. The project committee as well as FTK team can now use the centre to provide services to the entire community. FTK personnel have specific days in the week which they stay […]

Mama Bus

Mama Bus – The Mama Bus (MB) is a mobile clinic and outreach by a TPC hospital nurse. It is meant for mothers and small children, in the lower Moshi area, where FTK is working. The aim of mama bus […]

Lower Moshi Agri business Exhibition 2016 Report

The exhibition was prepared by FT Kilimanjaro as a part of learning on how to increase local agricultural food production capacity and output together with agricultural supply chain services based on innovative business model in their communities. The aim was […]

FTK Physiotherapy Intern

‘From January 2017 through April 2017 FTK housed an intern from Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, located in the Netherlands. This 4th-year Physiotherapy student focused on 3 main topics: providing physiotherapy to the handicapped children in Mikocheni, design and organize […]

Green Beans

Mtakuja development organization (MDO) partners with African Vegetables Company Limited to produce green beans at the Mtakuja farm project. Aim of project is to build capacity for MDO to increase income through alternative sources and to make other farmers adopt […]

Chemchem Bridge

From the baseline survey we did in Chemchem Village which included a sample of 148 interviewees, 117 mentioned the absence of a bridge as a main challenge whereby 88 mentioned it as a top problem, 17 as a second and […]

Medical Camp 2016

In the last week of August 2016 Medical Checks for Children (MCC), together with a local FTK team had the annual Medical Camp. The team checked and treated free of cost 714 children of Mikocheni and Chemchem. The medical checks […]

Mikocheni Livestock Improvement

The Mikocheni livestock improvement project aims at trying to solve and address the identified challenges of low cattle productivity due to diseases or poor genetics/breeds and degraded environment, that are believed to be hindering full maximization of livestock productivity in […]

De-worming campaign

FTK implements a structural deworming campaign in Lower Moshi. Started in January 2014.Semi-annually, children ages 4-15 are provided with deworming medication (albendazole 400mg – single pill) which is school-based program with 12 primary schools and a number of pre-primary schools. […]

Demonstration plot

Mtakuja Development Organization partners with Waderain to establish pilot plot of drip irrigation of ½ (0.5) an acre to motivate farmers to use this system out of project. This project target farmers from two villages i.e. Mtakuja and Mserekia because […]